An overdraft line of credit helps customers manage their funds by automatically allocating resources when overdrawing your checking account occurs. You will thus immediately cover the amount that you overdrafted, then repay it in monthly payments.


  • Immediate access to money – invaluable in times of financial hardship
  • Convenient rates based on credit history
  • Available through our online banking service
  • Accessible through ATM machines

Rates and terms:

  • Available amounts from $500
  • *APR as low as 11.50%
  • No transfer fees
  • No additional annual fees

We recommend an overdraft line of credit to ensure all your transactions go through. Without it, your transaction may be declined by the bank due to the lack of funds. In some cases, you may pay an additional fee for NSF (non-sufficient funds) and fail to pay the bills or other services. Check our main services and join us for an improved financial experience.

*The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is subject to further change at any time with no notice.